Women In STEM

extraordinary female scientists, engineers and mathematicians shattering the glass ceiling despite historical disparity in STEM fields

tessy thomas
Tessy Thomas // Known as the Missile Woman of India and Agniputri (daughter of fire). She was the project director of the Agni IV and Agni V missile projects of the Defence Research and Development Organisation. She is the first female scientist to head a missile project in India.
sudipta sengupta
Sudipta Sengupta // A professor of structural geology in Calcutta, India as well as a mountaineer trained in advanced mountaineering by Tenzing Norgay himself. She is one of the first two Indian women (along with Aditi Pant) to set foot on Antarctica. In 1991 she was awarded the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology, one of the highest Indian science awards for her contributions to earth, atmosphere, ocean and planetary sciences.
keren elazari
Keren Elazari // Israeli born cyber security analyst and senior researcher at the Tel Aviv University Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center with an emphasis on hackers and technology and their social implications. In 2014 she became the first Israeli woman to give a TED talk and her speech was selected as one of TED’s most powerful ideas of 2014.
kalpana chawla
Kalpana Chawla // The first Indian woman and the second Indian person to go to space. She was one of the seven crew members who died aboard the space shuttle Columbia when it disintegrated during its re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. In her honour, the Kalpana Chawla Award was instituted by the Government of Karnataka in 2004 to recognise young female scientists.
jedidah isler
Jedidah Isler // American astrophysicist, STEM advocate, and the first African – American woman to receive a Ph.D in astronomy. She has written award – winning studies on blazars and examines the jet streams emanating from them.
wanda diaz
Wanda Diaz Merced // Wanda is an astronomer who lost her sight when she was a student studying physics at the University of Puerto Rico. This led her to investigate techniques for analyzing astronomical signals using sound rather than visual data. She has created interest around sonification as a data analysis tool: how sonification might help scientists, even those who can see, detect patterns in large amounts of seemingly random data. She received a doctorate from the University of Glasgow in 2013, and was a post-doctoral fellow at the South African Astronomical Observatory in Cape Town. She works at the South African observatory’s Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD). She has led the OAD project AstroSense since April 2014.


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