Gaudi’s Primordial Soup – Fibreglass Sculpture

The prevailing scientific theory is that life began in Earth’s primordial soup- early oceans where volcanoes spewed rich chemicals, swirling around, constantly bombarded by lightning bolts from endless storms until suddenly the first single celled creature sprang to life.

Antoni Gaudi was a Modernist Catalan architect who, inspired by nature, designed hexagonal “panots” or paving tiles for the city of Barcelona, bearing the design of an underwater seascape that gives the impression of plankton, microbes and underwater flora. Gaudí’s work was influenced by his passions in life: architecture, nature, and religion.

I attempted to recreate the tiles in fibreglass. The process involves creating a model in clay, creating a Plaster of Paris mould, and filling the mould with certain chemicals and glass fibres to produce the sculpture, which is then painted.


Click here to learn more about Gaudi’s panots.


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