My name is Sarah Modak & I am from Mumbai, India.

Although I call myself an artist, an illustrator & a designer; in reality I am a dabbler & cannot stay put in one slot. My passions lie in painting, illustration, graphic design, fashion design, science communication & of late, UI & UX design.

While I thoroughly enjoy minimalistic & clean design, I’m a maximalist at heart & nothing excites me more than patterns, colours & quirky details.

When I’m not hurriedly completing assignments so as not to fail my Visual Arts degree, you can find me reading, teaching watercolour painting, ranting about organised religion or trying to escape the deadly green Duolingo owl who’s after my life for not completing my Spanish lessons on time. I also co-own a clothing line with my friend & business partner Urja Thakker.

You can find more of my work on my Instagram page.